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Simulator Hypoxia Training

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Civil Aviation: Simulator hypoxia training

NEW! FLIGHT SIMULATOR INTEGRATED NORMOBARIC HYPOXIA TRAINING The long awaited in-flight-simulator hypoxia training is now available from GO2Altitude®.

On-demand inhalation, like in an aircraft, provides effortless breathing and high fidelity mask-on training.

Full integration with any type of flight simulator is now possible: from Microsoft FlightSim to a Full Motion simulator.


GO2Altitude® is the first choice for compliance and safety in hypoxia training. Act Now contact us

Compact, on-site, combined hypoxic and hyperoxic air generator (no gas cylinders!)

The GO2Altitude® hypoxicator station.

Computer-Controlled simulated altitude and physiological data acquisition. Self-diagnostics and auto calibration for ease of use.

Automated Video Reporting
Individual multi-page report and video CD are automatically printed and burnt for each trainee.
Additionally all data (SpO2, HR, HRV and Vf) stored in database.
Operator console
Remote monitoring of the pilot’s training session via the central console. Instructor is able to view and modify the flight path, send pre-recorded and live voice commands, order flight tasks, and collect individual hypoxia symptoms for final training report.
Symptoms reporting capability:
On behalf of the trainee, Operator collects individual hypoxia symptoms during training session.
Physiological Safety cut-off
Operator can customise Flight Path and automatic safety cut-off when critical thresholds are reached.


* Certified Electrical Safety and EMC Medical equipment IEC 60601-1.

Validation studies:

1. Simulation In Aviation: Hypoxia Familiarisation Training Using The GO2Altitude® System.
R.A.Westerman, O. Bassovitch, D Smits. SimTect 2008 Simulation Conference Proceedings, 12-15 May 2008 Melbourne Australia.

2. R Westerman, O Bassovitch, G Cable, D Smits. Effectiveness of the GO2Altitude® Hypoxia Training System. JASAM Vol 5: No 1, AUG 2010 pp 7-12.

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