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Simulator Hypoxia Training

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Military Aviation: Hypoxia Recognition and Recovery Training (HRRT) as a Crew


The long awaited in-flight-simulator hypoxia training is now available from GO2Altitude®.

Only our hypoxicators are truly compatible with a standard military oxygen mask. On-demand inhalation, like in an aircraft, provides effortless breathing and high fidelity mask-on training, validated and used by Airforces world wide.


Voice Communication between team members is a vital element of high fidelity aviation training which can now be achieved using the new GO2Altitude® Voice COMM TM Box. This powerful software and Voice COMM TM Box hardware can connect up to 16 military and/or civil headsets into a single conference. Training sessions are recorded to a central database and video reports can be burned to DVD.

Features and Capabilities

• GO2Altitude® offers smooth integration of hypoxia training with various flight simulators – including full motion flight simulators.

• Fully compatible with military oxygen mask: On-demand capability replicates the breathing sensation of aircraft’s oxygen regulator. Unrestricted airflow.

• Automatic physiological safety cut-off mechanism for improved trainee safety – Safety is a paramount in GO2Altitude® hypoxicators systems. Safety certificates are provided.

• Compact, combined hypoxic and hyperoxic air generators are stored on-site (no gas cylinders, unlike those required for the industrial gas mixer-based systems).

• Remote video and direct supervision. The instructor can dynamically adjust training scenario via touchscreen interface. Central operator console for monitoring all training station.

• Fully customisable by operator: Create your own training session profile including simulated altitude steps, manage pre-recorded voice commands, ON/OFF video recording, consent forms and many other features.

• Voice communication and video is automatically recorded.

• Ergonomic equipment with touch screen interface and modern design.

• Customise and translate the software into your language.

•  Support and maintenance contracts available.

•  Certified Electrical Safety and EMC Medical equipment IEC 60601-1.

•  Patent US9,576,496 “Flight Training System”

System layout for one trainee and Operator Console.

GO2Altitude® Hypoxicator is connected to hypoxia/hyperoxia Generator system (not shown here).

GO2Altitude® Communication Interface (GCI) utilizes HTTP/1.1 protocol for communication with flight simulator software.  Flight Simulator can issue commands to GO2Altitude, such as:    to change and maintain physiologically-simulated altitude, supply oxygen for recovery, record vital signs, communicate through audio and video, and much more.  For full GCI specification please contact us

System integration with any type flight simulator is now available via GO2Altitude® Communication Interface

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